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Custom DTF 12" Transfer

Original price $5.75 - Original price $5.75
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$5.75 - $5.75
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*Suggested Sizing Is A Guide And It Is Best To Measure The Intended Garment For Your Own Preferences

*Size Is Determined By The Longest Side Of The Transfer.

Our premium ink DTF transfers are renowned for their vibrant full color, durability, softness, and stretchability! Armor Ink transfers are versatile with all fabric types and colors, including 100% cotton, 100% poly, and a full range of blends.

Why Armor Ink?
  • No need to worry about minimum order sizes, setup fees, or expensive equipment that can be a hassle to use and maintain.

  • Our transfers are created with high end equipment and supplies, by properly trained staff, to ensure consistent top of the line quality transfers, that you can trust.

  • With our premium inks and powders our prints have been personally tested by us to last 70+ washes without fading, cracking, or peeling.

  • Our DTFs can be applied to many different products including: T-Shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts & Sweatpants, Backpacks, Aprons, Bags, Flags, Sport Uniforms, Company Shirts, Running Shorts, and much more.

  • Our customers are allowed to use our high quality mockup images to help generate interest in your own groups and business, which makes advertising a breeze!

  • Free Shipping on orders over $75.

  • We know that our success depends on your success, and we will always strive to give every customer a fantastic experience!

    Lets work together to grow your business dream into a reality!
Artwork Requirements
  • Files MUST be 300DPI+ with a transparent background
  • Required File Type: PNG, SVG. PSD, AI, PDF
  • Images must be saved as a CMYK or RGB file. Please note that any RGB colors that are neon will be printed as close as possible but will not be an exact match.  Armor Ink is not responsible for color mismatches due to files being incorrectly submitted.
  • Submit individual artwork the exactly how you want them printed.  If you're not able to do so please email us at with your order # and we will help you solve any issues. This service is an additional $20 charge per per hour with 1 hour minimum.
  • Armor Ink only produces DTFs and not vinyl, laser prints, sublimation, screen press, etc.  If you are not sure what DTFs are then please checkout our article HERE!

*If artwork that is submitted does not meet our DPI requirements and is not in CMYK/RGB format, Armor Ink LLC is in no way responsible for images not meeting the customers expectations as we are unable to guarantee the desired results due to low quality artwork.

Copyrights & Trademarks

    This is for your protection as well as our own, as doing so will open you and us up to the possibility of a lawsuit.  Common examples of this are: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College sports, Disney characters, Fashion brands, watermarked images, and screenshots.  If you submit these images they will be REMOVED from your order.  If the entire order is comprised of copyrighted images, then the order will be canceled and refunded.  If you have written permission to recreate copyrighted materials submit proof to BEFORE ordering.

  • Please note that for all images submitted and accepted, you are solely responsible for determining if any designs are trademarked/copyrighted and if there are any legal limitations for your intended usage. By purchasing, you verify that you are the original designer or have purchased the necessary licenses from the trademark/copyright holder themselves.
Application Instructions


• Start by adjusting your heat press to the ideal temperature, based on whether your garment is 100% cotton (300F), 100% poly (260F), or a blend (280F).

Pro Tip: Before pressing, use a lint roller to ensure that all stray fibers are removed from the pressing surface.

• Place your garment on the heat press and press for 5-10 seconds to eliminate wrinkles and moisture. This will prepare the fabric for the transfer.

Note: Pre-pressing your garment is not strictly necessary but it can help if the garment is extra wrinkled or has been stored in an area with excess moisture.

1st Press

• Carefully position the DTF transfer in the desired location on your garment and use your chosen method to align it as needed. If you are pressing on hats or other oddly shaped items we recommend using heat resistant tape to ensure the transfer won't move. In general, heat tape is not required as your garment should be laying flat.

• Once aligned properly, press at the recommended temperature for your material with HEAVY pressure for (10-14 seconds 100% cotton/blends), (3-10 seconds 100% poly)

Pro Tip: When pressing on a material that you have never used before, you may need to do a test run and adjust your settings to find the sweet spot with what works for your setup.

Warm/Cold Peel

• After pressing, allow your garment to cool for 15-30 seconds. Slowly peel the transfer starting from one corner. If it doesn't release easily, let it cool completely and then try again.

• Note: If you encounter significant resistance while peeling, troubleshoot as follows.

1. If the design does not transfer after pressing, it means there was not enough pressure, heat or time. Try pressing again with more pressure and time(+5 seconds).

2. If the transfer is still not adhering after pressing and cooling, try adding increments of 10°F until you find a temperature setting that gives you the best results for your setup.
**The additional presses will not damage the transfer.

Pro Tip: We recommend having an infrared heat gun to test the temperature of your heat press. This will allow you to know if it is heating accurately and if there are any "cool" zones.

2nd Press

• Cover your design using Parchment paper and press again for 10-14 seconds. (3-10 seconds 100% poly). This second press will increase durability, remove shine and soften the design. If you prefer a glossy finish, you can use a Teflon sheet for the final press.

Pro Tip: You should be able to see fabric lines showing through the design after you have completed this step. This ensures that the design is properly adhered.


Congratulations, you're now a pro at using Armor Ink DTF transfers! This guide isn't just about educating you; it’s about empowering you to create professional-quality garments every time.

For any questions or additional guidance, email our team at

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Upload Custom DTF Transfers By Size Tutorial

Written Instructions

1. Navigate to and choose the desired size for your DTF transfer print.

2. Upload your PNG, SVG, PSD, AI, or PDF file by clicking the "Upload Your File" button. Upon completion of the upload, a preview of the file, along with its name, will be displayed. *Note: To ensure the accuracy of the intended size, please ensure your file is free of any unnecessary dead or wasted space around the design.*

3. Choose the quantity of the image you wish to order and add it to your cart.

4. Proceed to either continue shopping or complete your checkout.

5. Receive your perfectly prepared DTF transfers and get to pressing!

*Please Note* If your file needs modifications to size or simple editing, after placing your order, email us with the adjustments you'd like us to make to Please note that this service carries a one hour minimum at $20 per hour. *Should you have any questions or prefer receiving feedback before finalizing your purchase, feel free to submit your file and inquire via chat or email.*