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Artwork File Requirements & Guidelines

If you choose to upload your own files for us to print gang sheets or custom transfers please note the following:
  • Files MUST be native 300DPI with a transparent background
  • Required File Type: PNG, PDF
  • Images are preferred to be saved as a CMYK file.  If you submit as RGB our software will automatically convert it to CMYK so it will not be an exact match, however generally it is a very close match.  Armor Ink is not responsible for color mismatches due to files being incorrectly submitted.
  • Submit individual artwork the exact size that you desire printed.  If you're not able to do so please select the "Edit File" option for an additional $20 charge per review.
  • Submitted gang sheet files must be sized exactly as selected and if you need minor layout changes select the "Edit File" option for an additional $20 charge per review.
  • If using a gang sheet you can use it for a single image printed multiple times, or for as many different images as you can fit onto the selected size.
  • Custom transfer sizing is done by using the longest side of the image.
  • Armor Ink only produces DTFs and not vinyl, laser prints, sublimation, screen press, etc.  If you are not sure what DTFs are then please checkout our article HERE!

*If artwork that is submitted does not meet our DPI requirements and is not in CMYK format, Armor Ink LLC is in no way responsible for images not meeting the customers expectations as we are unable to guarantee the desired results.

Trademarks/Copyrights/Right of Refusal

    This is for your protection as well as our own, as doing so will open you and us up to the possibility of a lawsuit.  Common examples of this are: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College sports, Disney characters, Fashion brands, watermarked images, and screenshots.  If you submit these images they will be REMOVED from your order.  If the entire order is comprised of copyrighted images, then the order will be canceled and refunded.  If you have written permission to recreate copyrighted materials submit proof to BEFORE ordering. 

  • Please note that for all images submitted and accepted, you are solely responsible for determining if any designs are trademarked/copyrighted and if there are any legal limitations for your intended usage. By purchasing, you verify that you are the original designer or have purchased the necessary licenses.

  • Armor Ink also reserves the right to refuse to print profane or vulgar file submissions.  If we feel that it would be inappropriate for a pre-teen child to see, then at our discretion we can remove the image and print the rest.  If the entire order is comprised of that type of image, then the order will be cancelled and refunded.  If you are unsure please contact us at before ordering.