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File Editing Services

Enhanced Image vs Standard Image

Armor Ink File Editing Services
Transform Your Artwork with Precision and Expertise

At Armor Ink, we specialize in bringing your designs to life with our professional file editing services. Catering to your unique needs, we ensure your artwork is print-ready, enhancing its quality and appeal. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • Background Removal: Say goodbye to unwanted backgrounds and hello to clean, focused designs. Pixelization Correction: Enhance the clarity of your images, eliminating pixelation for a sharper look.
  • White Outline Removal: We meticulously remove transparent pixels from low-quality artwork, ensuring polished edges with no unwanted white outlines.
  • Gang Sheet Arrangement: Let us organize your images on a gang sheet, optimizing your printing process and receiving our cheapest rates! 
  • Image Vectorization: Transform your images into scalable vector graphics, perfect for gradient-free designs.  Notice the lack of blurry edges and squares on the before and after in the image below!
    Before And After Vectorization
  • Raster Image Enhancement: For images with gradients, we offer specialized design enhancement to elevate their clarity and visual impact.  This will not only remove the fuzzyness by creating sharper lines, but it will also enhance the colors and make your design come to life by bringing out the fine details in gradients!
    Before And After Image Enhancement

Pricing and Process:

  • Affordable Rate: Our services are priced at $20 per hour, with a one-hour minimum charge.  This fee will be paid upfront and if there is any extra time it will be billed before printing.  Typically it takes just the one hour to accomplish depending on how many files you have.
  • Convenient Delivery: Once your artwork is perfected, we'll send the finalized files directly to your email, ensuring they are yours to keep and use as you wish, while also ensuring you a chance to review and make sure you get printed exactly what you want.

Why Choose Armor Ink?

  • Expertise and Precision: Our skilled professionals use the latest techniques and software to refine your artwork.
  • Tailored Solutions: We adapt our services to meet your specific needs, delivering personalized results.
  • Quality Assurance: We guarantee high-quality outcomes that exceed your expectations.

Ready to Elevate Your Artwork?
Contact us today to get started! With Armor Ink, you now have an easy and reliable way to get exactly what you want and need for your DTF printing projects.