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Custom Upload Tutorial

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Written Custom Upload Tutorial

1. Navigate to and choose the desired size for your DTF transfer print.

2. Access the "File Help Option" from the dropdown menu. Opt for "Print As Is" if your file meets the 300 DPI minimum requirement and requires no modifications. Otherwise, select "File Review" and, after placing your order, email us with the adjustments you'd like us to make. *Should you have any questions or prefer receiving feedback before finalizing your purchase, feel free to submit your file and inquire via chat or email.*

3. Upload your PDF, or PNG file by clicking on or dragging it into the "File Upload Here" section. Upon completion of the upload, a preview of the file, along with its name, will be displayed. *Note: To ensure the accuracy of the intended size, please ensure your file is free of any unnecessary dead or wasted space around the design.*

4. Choose the quantity of the image you wish to order and add it to your cart.

5. Proceed to either continue shopping or complete your checkout.

6. Receive your perfectly prepared DTF transfers and get to pressing!