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Are Direct To Film (DTF) Transfers Tax Exempt?

Are Direct To Film (DTF) Transfers Tax Exempt?

In the evolving landscape of textile and garment decoration, Direct to Film (DTF) transfers have emerged as a pivotal technology, empowering businesses to create high-quality, customized products with efficiency and ease. As a company specializing in DTF transfers, Armor Ink is committed to not only providing state-of-the-art printing solutions but also to ensuring our clients can maximize their investment in our products. A significant aspect of this commitment involves helping you, the business owner, understand and navigate the potential tax benefits available for companies utilizing DTF transfers in the production of their finished goods.

Understanding Tax Exemption for Business Inputs

For companies and LLCs registered within their respective states, there exists an opportunity to apply for tax exemption status on purchases deemed as inputs for creating finished products. This exemption is rooted in the principle that sales tax should not unduly burden businesses by taxing the raw materials and components used in the production of goods intended for resale.

DTF Transfers: Eligible for Tax Exemption

DTF transfers, when purchased by registered businesses for the purpose of producing finished goods, may qualify as tax-exempt purchases under state tax laws. This exemption recognizes DTF transfers as essential components in the production process, similar to raw materials, thereby allowing businesses to reduce their cost of goods sold and improve overall profitability.

How to Apply for Tax Exemption Status

  1. Registration with Your State: Ensure that your company or LLC is properly registered with your state's Department of Revenue or its equivalent. This is a fundamental requirement for applying for any tax exemption.

  2. Obtain a Sales Tax Permit: Most states require businesses to have a sales tax permit before they can apply for tax exemption on purchases. This permit also allows you to collect sales tax on your products or services, which is a prerequisite for claiming exemptions as a reseller.

  3. Exemption Certificate: Apply for a resale or exemption certificate through your state’s taxing authority. This certificate serves as proof that you are purchasing goods or materials for production and resale, and not for personal use or consumption.

  4. Submit Your Certificate to Armor Ink: Once you have obtained your exemption certificate, submit a copy to Armor Ink at This will allow us to update our records and process your future purchases of DTF transfers without including sales tax, in accordance with state laws.

Legal Considerations

It's important to note that tax laws and regulations vary significantly from state to state. Therefore, the eligibility for tax exemption, the application process, and the types of purchases that qualify can differ based on your business location. We strongly advise consulting with a tax professional or legal expert familiar with your state’s specific laws to ensure compliance and to accurately navigate the tax exemption application process.  This post is meant to help you become aware of tax savings that might potentially be available to you but it is up to you to ensure you are in correct standing with your state.


At Armor Ink, we understand that navigating the complexities of tax laws can be daunting for business owners. However, taking the time to apply for tax exemption status for your DTF transfer purchases can lead to meaningful cost savings, thereby enhancing the financial health of your business. By leveraging these tax benefits, you can reinvest savings into your business, explore new markets, and continue to grow and innovate.

We encourage all eligible businesses to explore this opportunity and take the necessary steps to apply for tax exemption on your Direct To Film purchases. Together, we can forge a path toward greater savings and success in the world of textile and garment decoration.

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